Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria

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Taraba State of Nigeria shares its borders with Cameroon. The Mambilla Plateau is the prime attraction for tourists in this state. This is the best place to relieve your mind from the noise, humidity and heat of Lagos. Its height from sea is 1800 meters, so temperature remains cool throughout the whole day. Residents of Lagos, whenever they want, can enjoy the pleasant conditions of Mambilla Plateau. The past governments had not given much attention to development of this area. Due to this, roads to Mambilla are not well-maintained. In some parts, however, roads have been built, but for the most part of travel road conditions are worst. It is so because the roads are under construction. So travellers, while coming to Mambilla Plateau, should hire a sports vehicle or a jeep for their transport needs. As the roads of this area are not well maintained, tourists hesitate in coming to Mambilla Plateau; therefore, no big investors have tried to build the accommodation facilities for tourists. Due to lack of accommodation facilities, most tourists bring their camping equipments with them. Food is also not of good quality here. So if you are conscious about your diet then you should bring your food along with your camping equipment. However if you are not conscious about your accommodation and food then you can get a place for your stay in the few hotels of Mambilla Plateau.

The park of Mambilla Plateau has very attractive settings; it has cattle ranches, tea plantations have been spread across the grassy hills of this area. This park has a different environment from the rest of Nigeria. Flora and fauna of this park are accommodating some of the rarest species on the earth.

As this area has fewer accommodations; tourists of Europe and America bring their camping equipment with them. They take Lagos Flights from their country for visiting this area. The major and the best maintained road to Mambilla come from Lagos and you can go to Lagos from UK by easily taking flights to Lagos from major airports of UK like Heathrow Airport. Other routes to Mambilla Plateau come from Benin City, Otukpo, Enugu, Onitsha and Yandev. If you are a tourist and you do not want to travel through the dangerous roads of Lagos then you have another option. You can charter a small plane for your travel from Murtala Mohammad International Airport to Yola Airport. In this way, you will not have to enter the dangerous streets of Lagos. Yola Airport is located at a few miles drive from Mambilla Plateau. And as you know that you will get flight to Yola Airport after you avail flight to lagos as Lagos is the main hubb of Nigeria Airports.

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Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria

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This article was published on 2011/03/24